Alec Hamilton


MAnalyticPsych, MCouns (Psych), GradDipAppSci (AppChildPsych), BEd(Sci)

Alec Hamilton is a highly experienced psychologist who predominately works with children and adolescents. Alec is currently available for consultations every Saturday morning at Ochre Health.


Alec has worked in private practice and a wide range of educational institutions, from early childhood centres to post-graduate university. 

He has a strong interest in the connections individuals make and the stories they build along the way.  His passion is in assisting young people to grow and develop. 

Alec believes that, given opportunities, young people are powerful competent individuals who can live positively.  Sometimes they need help to do this. Alec believes that it is a privilege to be invited into their world, and to walk alongside them, and their families, for a short time.  


Alec's specific areas of focus include: Working collaboratively with Medical Practitioners, Child and Adolescent Development, Anxiety, Depression, Bullying, Grief, Friendships issues - Interpersonal Relationships.


In order to book an appointment with Alec, please call the Ochre Health Medical Centre on 07 5373 0700 or email




Alec has a Bachelor of Education, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Child Psychology, a Masters of Analytical Psychology, a Masters of Counselling Psychology, and is currently a PhD Candidate. He is both a registered psychologist and accredited supervisor. 

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