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Lisa Martin Sport Psychologist

Dr Lisa Martin  

Director; Sport and Performance Psychologist

PhD MPsych(Sport&Exercise) BA(Psych)(Hons) MAPS


Lisa specialises in assisting athletes, medical professionals, coaches, and other high-achieving individuals operating in high pressure situations and environments to access their optimal levels of performance. She also works with individuals who are facing transition in their lives (both sport-related and not) to not only identify, but move towards, a life which is more meaningful and fulfilling.

In sport, many times life changes can occur as a result of injury, relocation, deselection, organisational conflict, retirement, or a combination of a number of these factors. It can also be due to moving from an amateur to a professional level of competition or adapting to a new life event. In life, changes may occur in work, social, or a range of other life contexts that may see us lose sight of, or may challenge, the things that are important to us. Such events can increase stress and may result in behaviours or ways of thinking that feel 'out of character' or unfamiliar. Lisa aims to work alongside individuals to increase understanding, re-establish purpose and balance and, where necessary, levels of self-care, to address such issues. Many times this may include elements of self-doubt, difficulties with motivation or focus, negativity, and nervousness. Many of these factors also may also underlie common psychological problems such as adjustment disorder, depression, anxiety, stress and burnout.


Lisa has a special interest in neuroscience and seeks to educate her clients as best as she can so that they develop a strong understanding of their current circumstances, how they may have arisen, and how they may be overcome. Lisa uses an Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework, incorporating mindfulness techniques and other somatic and cognitive strategies, to aid her client’s progress. 

Lisa has extensive experience in her field, having provided psychological support and strategies to both individuals and teams over the past 20 years. Currently, Lisa splits her case load between seeing athletes and health professionals (mainly medical professionals preparing for their specialist medical examinations). As a PsyBA approved supervisor, Lisa also supervises multiples provisional and Master-level psychologists as they move towards their career goals.

The athletes Lisa has experience working with come from a range of sports, including surf sports, triathlon (including ironman), equestrian, basketball, football, swimming, tennis, golf, netball, hockey, soccer, and canoeing. She also works with individuals striving for their goals in the area of dance and performing arts. Lisa was the Lead Psychologist for the Australian Paralympic Swim Team, working and travelling with the team for a period of three years. She has also worked as a lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast from 2004-2020, leading to her presenting her research both domestically and internationally. Most recently she presented at the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) in the USA on "The impact of dispositional mindfulness on the competitive performance and psychological readiness of elite swimmers"

In order to book an appointment with Lisa, please send an email to

Qualifications: Dr Lisa Martin is a registered sport and performance psychologist, a PsyBA approved supervisor, a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists (CoSEP). Lisa specialises in stress and injury management and dealing with transition. She completed her PhD in the area of elite athlete career transition, psychological well-being, and self identity in 2012. She also has Masters qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Honours.

Dr Lisa Martin
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