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Well-being | Balance | Performance

Psychologists     -      Sport & Performance Psychologists     -   Mental Health Social Workers     

Providing assistance to


  • Individuals and families dealing with mental health issues, anger, pain &/or life stress

  • Children, adolescents, adults &/or couples

  • Elite level or recreational athletes

  • ​Individuals dealing with change or wanting to make a change in life

  • High school & University students

  • Medical professionals undertaking specialist exam preparation

We aim to provide support, education and assistance to enable individuals to achieve well-being, balance and
 fulfilment in life.
 We can help if you are...


  • Looking to access a confidential & effective mental health service on the Sunshine Coast and across Australia


  • ​Looking for a quality psychologist 

  • Looking for a sport or performance psychologist ​​

  • Looking for a mental health social worker for assistance with your mental health, domestic violence or family issues

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